Wednesday, November 16, 2011

      I know it's been quite a while so here's a little update from Lindsay Ferguson! As a second year college student at the U of A studying Veterinary Science, I have finally begun to prioritize my schedule! Time management has NEVER been a strength of mine, and sadly it's taken about 4 years for me to really crack down on the subject. 
This year, it has been harder then ever to get on a good schedule and I have decided to label this time in my life, "Beginning". I know... kind of cliché however I couldn't find a more appropriate word. Right now it's looking like more of "Disaster" then anything! ;)

Current "rearrange" of the room

 Yet I've got some BIG plans for the place which you will see a bit later on in the month. Right now my sleeping schedule is also quite off. (slept from 7pm - 1:30am)  However that's nothing new! That's college life right?

 Anyways, I am VERY excited about the new Twilight movie coming out Friday. Breaking Dawn : Part 1!  Hopefully my sister and I will be able to go to the midnight showing together! I'm stoked. I'm re-reading the book as we speak!


I'm SO attending
I want my wedding like this... no exceptions.

Anyways, back to reality, this semester is flying past unlike any other schooling in my life! Chemistry still stinks, but my animal science classes are great. I can't wait until next week for Thanksgiving Break to come around so I can hopefully take a nice long weekend to relax AWAY from Tucson and with my family. My boyfriend Nick will be out of town in Lake Tahoe so I won't get to see him for a couple of weeks :(.

Well that's all for now, I'm going to try and get a couple more hours sleep before it's back to school for Lindsay! Check back soon for more updates! I have a TON planned!


  1. BAHAHAH!!! Was that invitation even addressed to you?!?! Still I say lets crash that wedding!!!!!!!! Well not really crash in the sense of destroy, but more in the sense of making ourselves anonymously welcome to enjoy! Yes I WOULD LOVE to go see it!!! Midnight premiere is SOO tempting!! Might have to! TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY!! Thats whats next!

  2. Lindsay!! You have a blog!! yayayay!! =)