Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My One and Only : Tyah Jo

It has almost been a year since the most beautiful wedding took place in Vail Colorado. That day will always be one of my favorites. It was horrible giving a speech with out the written words right in front of me.  I definitely chocked on my tears and made it short and sweet. I should have just kept the darn paper!Anyways, I still think my sister definitely deserves to know how I feel about her and I want everyone else to know!

“It takes a long time to realize in life, that the best people to stay close with is your family." 
Whoever said that obviously doesn’t know my sister and I. Looking back over the years has made me realize that Tyah and I have been best friends ever since my very first memory. 
She has always been my number one go-to person and never ceases to provide comfort whenever I need it. She truly has some of the best qualities a person can posses. All throughout elementary school her friends called me her "mini-me". Now is that because Austin Powers was popular back then? Maybe, but I will never admit it!

 My Junior high times were tough for both of us. She was going through her last two years of High school and choosing a college while I was trying to figure out how to use make-up! Thank goodness I had Tyah to teach me the battles of good make-up techniques. 

Trips to the dunes were always a GREAT get-away from reality and school and also great play time!
There's no doubt, sifting that soft sand through your fingers (and feeling it in other unwanted places) gives you a feeling unlike any other. Being able to share that automatic high with the people you love is something I wish for every family to experience.

Throughout high school, friends came a went, but my sister and I were closer then ever. Her College years were stressful and I was stressed trying to be smarter then my parents. Tyah always knew what to say and brought me back down to earth when things were a mess. I felt like college was making her an all knowing goddess! She continued to take care of me whenever I was sick and still keeps me appreciating her new nursing skills more and more.
Actually sharing her sacred cinnamon roll with me!


She will never admit BUT SHE WAS AN ASU FAN! ;) I know, good thing we both came to our senses and chose the more successful option! ;)

It was hard when Tyah left for college. I was graduating 8th grade as she was graduating high school and I know those were both highlights in our life time. ( Especially since I got all her hand-me-down MHS shirts ;) I sported that Senior shirt, my feshman year, with pride! )
 That bedroom across the hall from me became sacred ground. Whenever I wanted relax and get away from the troublesome (cough*easy*cough) high school homework, I would sit and read in her empty room, admiring how well she had left it decorated. Interior design has always been an art that she easily tackles and I, to this day, have not.
Her first Apartment in Tucson at North Pointe
It was stressful waiting for her to come home from Tucson. She would call Mom and Dad saying "I'm headed up from Tuck-sun!" and I would count down the minutes until she drove up into the driveway.  Man, back then, that hour and a half drive seemed like a week!

And she was always being so gracious and sweet about being home, picking up dog poop, helping me clean...  that's when I KNEW she actually missed home AND me ;) 

Another thing that's just absolutely awesome about my sister is her knack for being a personal Make-up artist. Specifically, my personal make-up artist. I would have never survived getting ready for high school dances, had it not been for her coming home JUST on the right weekend to help me out. 

Sooner then later it was time for me to graduate high school and here comes Tyah! Home from Tucson, coming to cheer me on across the stage.  I remember when they finally released us to our families after walking across the stage and amidst all my friends and the other families, the one person I was looking for was her! There's no feeling like seeing her face shinning at me! This night was definitely one of those Kodak moments. Kind of like when the husband to be gets the first glimpse of his bride walking down the isle... cheezy I know! But there's seriously no feeling like when her and I are sharing on one of those extremely, sometimes rambunctious, ultimate HAPPY moments!

No matter where I am or what I'm working towards, Tyah always has great words of wisdom and knows what to say to get me off my but and moving forward. That's how I signed up for The Glorious University of Arizona!  
We are now Wildcats for life TOGETHER. :)
 She graced my presence as a student during my first semester in college. It was the first time we had been attending the SAME school at the SAME time since I was in second grade and she was in sixth. Is there a better place to be together then in college! ;) 
Breakfast brunch at my dorm for Family weekend.

Our family has blessed us with many opportunities that have just brought us closer together. First was the trip to Atlantis for my parent's 20th Anniversary. My parents took a week long cruise by themselves and then for the second week, they flew my sistar and I out to Florida where we all flew together to Paradise Island ( Continues to be my favorite place on earth TO THIS DAY) . Flying on a plane without my parents for the first time was such a scary thought. It ended up being quite an adventure for my sister and I. Atlanta, Georgia definitely has one of the busiest Airports I've EVER SEEN and I know, back then, I wasn't aware but I'm absolutely positive our parents were freaking out calling Tyah every chance they got to make sure we were ok. Their daughters were flying across country, alone, to meet them!
Once we got there all was right with the world and we had quite a family adventure.
A day spent in Florida

Arrival at Atlantis!

Our favorite restaurant of the trip: Anthony's Bar and Grill
 Our next Major trip was for my parent's 25th anniversary and my mom's dream finally came true of going to Hawaii! We stayed for 2 weeks. First on Kona: exploring the beaches, jungles and many waterfalls the beautiful island possess.

Life size leaf!

Hilton Resort

Playing with an octopus!
And for the second week we were on Oahu going on as many adventures as physically possible!




Beach dinner

Dinner cruise

Bus to somewhere :)

Waikiki Beach

Snorkeling excursion!

Learning to surf!
Dad and I

We've definitely been a lot of places together in

We took one for the team! Texas Road House!
Various Lake trips

Vail Colorado (WEDDING!! and other trips)
Iowa (state fair)

Each year it is unpredictable how much our relationship grows. Just when I think I couldn't love her anymore, she proves me wrong. There's no doubt that family is forever and Tyah makes that true more then any person in my life. How did I get so blessed with such a special person? God has a reason for everything right? 

There's no doubt our lives have been constantly blessed simply because we have each other. I'm not sure what the future is looking like for us two but this has been one of the most rewarding sisterhoods a girl could have. ( I don't care what sororities tell you!) 

Look out world! We are just getting started! We have many more years ahead of us to cause mischief around this place and we will stop at nothing!